Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Usurping the Throne

I am coming across more and more articles these days documenting in detail how local and state (mostly Republican, although that may simply reflect my reading habits) election officials are constantly coming up with new ways to rig elections, deny voters their rights and otherwise swing elections towards their side. Things are getting even nastier than in 2000 out there and I fear that unless the American public wakes up and starts protesting these actions vigorously, they will only get worse. And that inevitably means 4 more years of radical right-wing consolidation of power, increased snooping on American citizens and the stripping of their civil rights, and increased influence for the corporate powers-that-be behind Bush's initial rise in politics (re: oil and other fossil fuel energy giants).

Good article on the election issue: http://www.inthesetimes.com/site/main/article/973/

Anyone out there going to go to NYC and protest the GOP convention?
On a personal note: things here have been hectic to say the least, so I apologize to you ones of my faithful readers out there for not posting more often.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

consulting idea using my background in library and instructional tech

My professional background is primarily in library science (MLS from the University of Pittsburgh) and in basic information and instructional technology support. I have extensive experience in the design and management of small, web-based help desk processes and documentation, technical writing and editing, library research, etc.

Having said that, is anyone out there looking for any help managing the customer service and correspondence side of a web-based business? I'm looking to move into consulting in this type of thing and I would like to get my feet wet on a couple projects as a almost-free volunteer (i.e., provide a cheap, valuable, money and time-saving service to the right business). What I have in mind is a consulting business that shows small web businesses (especially ones with a transgender connection) how to efficiently and effectively manage and quickly respond to incoming e-mail and other correspondence in a way that is cheap, scalable, non-technical, maintains a high level of professionalism with a personal touch, and promotes brand loyalty.

Have you ever tried contacting Yahoo about something? In my opinion that is the best way NOT to do customer service. Not only is their Help documentation all over the place (non-centralized), superficial and useless, but they also are totally unresponsive to individual user questions and only send out generic, automated responses.

In other words if you have a growing web site that has a growing number of incoming messages and questions that you are having a hard time managing and responding to properly, I may be able to help you! Let me know and maybe I can offer some advice. I'd be especially interested in helping any TG-related/owned businesses out there.

Monday, August 09, 2004

the death-knell of dissent in America?

Think we still live in the land of the free? Think again. Dissent and peaceful protest is becoming an exinct art these days. See the following articles for harrowing tales of repression, bullying and spying by our friendly neighborhood gov't on the common citizen who happens to hold any view that might be construed as opposed or different than that held by the current administation or authorities:




Now you can't even get into some sporting events (the freaking Olypics!) if you are sporting a piece of clothing that shows a non-sponsor company:

The ONLY way to fix this at present is to vote the Republicans out of power. That means each and every one of us needs to contact everyone we know and make sure they are getting out there and making the argument for reason and voting and that they are contacting everyone THEY know to get out the vote. This is a crucial time in the history not only of our country, but for the world and the future of the meaning of human rights.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Ron Reagan disses the Bush administration eloquently

Check out this very eloquently written critique of the Bush administration and a call for change from the son of Ronald Reagan - it's worth your time:

Also check out this from "Civil Liberties Watch" about the new and increasing powers of the authorities for search and seizure, written by an ex-Baltimore cop: